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user posted imageBIGBANG 1st Single Album

1 Put your hands up (Intro)
2 We Belong Together
3 This Love
4 눈물뿐인 바보 (A Fool Of Tears)

BIGBANG deals with dancing, singing, rapping, and writing within the group. Their first single – expected to be released in August, 2006 – was filled with the tracks were written by themselves. “We Belong Together” was composed by G-Dragon and the lyrics were co-written by G-DRAGON and TOP. In “This Love”, sampled Maroon 5’s same title song, G-DRAGON wrote and produced by himself. Rap was made by BIGBANG for “눈물뿐인 바보 (A Fool Of Tears)”, and there are more songs to come which are written by BIGBANG. And BIGBANG will take a very distinctive way for the upcoming projects. First of all, all five of BIGBANG will not perform together. The reason why YG Ent. decided that way is that YG always regretted when a group member could not show their ability in full. Therefore, in “We Belong Together”, G-DRAGON and TOP teamed up, and in the “A Fool of Tears”, TAEYANG, DAESUNG, and SEUNGRI teamed up together. This will help to show and impress you that BIGBANG is ‘already-prepared’ band who can deal with any type of songs. 

user posted imageBIGBANG 2nd Single Album [BIGBANG IS V.I.P]

1 La-La-La
2 Ma Girl
3 V.I.P
4 La-La-La (Inst.)

BIGBANG has been praised their dancing, singing and rapping throughout the first single album, they set off their journey as 5 members. The album’s leading track “La La La” is co-produced by PERRY and G-DRAGON, and also a very danceable track that everyone would love. Especially, the lyrics are full of confidence and the hook is also famous for being used in BIGBANG’s real documentary. “La La La” was already presented in YG’s 10th anniversary world tour and gathered great response from the audience. “V.I.P”, the song was briefly introduced in very last seconds of video “We Belong Together”, is only done by member’s raps and full of strong and man-like energy. “V.I.P” is co-composed by Kim, Do-Hyun, and G-DRAGON and the lyrics were written by each members. BIGBANG’s 2nd solo track “Ma Girl” presents how good vocalist TAEYANG is. It is an R&B track that shows TAEYANG’s vocal ability and his soulful and emotional voice leads listeners from the beginning to the end dramatically.

user posted image
BIGBANG 03 - "The 3rd Single Album"

1 Victory (Intro)
2 Big Bang
3 Forever With U
4 Good Bye Baby
5 웃어본다 (Laugh It Off)

Third single of BIGBANG is like the final draft for the BIGBANG’s single album projects. In the third single, BIGBANG shows more matured and sophisticated sound. The album will vibrate your heart with the “BIGBANG SOUND” and be the final announcement of their first studio album release. Contrast to previous single albums, this third single contains 5 songs. “GOODBYE BABY”, where TAEYANG wrote the lyrics, and PERRY and BRAVE BROTHERS co-composed, is a song that you can’t easily get out of your head. In addition, the song is harmonized each vocalists very well. Besides “GOODBYE BABY”, G-DRAGON and TOP collaborate with PARK BOM in “Forever With You”. G-DRAGON boasts his confidence in the song “V.I.C.T.O.R.Y” and DAESUNG finally introduces his solo track, “웃어본다 (Laugh It Off)”. Whole BIGBANG participates in album production so that BIGBANG guarantees its music quality.

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