TOP: This is the set for the "Fantastic Baby" music video. This music video has a concept of, um... kinda like fantasy. It fits well with the title of "Fantastic Baby. We put a lot of thought into making the ideas very new and original. We are half very excited about it and half worried about making it good. I want to see it quickly. For this album the idea of "mint TOP" came up and I felt like I needed to make my hair mint colored. Theres a part where I'm wearing all mint and I'm a person who lives in a photo. We are working very hard to make a good music video so please be excited about it. I am also very excited.

Seungri: For the music video of "Fantastic Baby" I am filming with Tae Kwon Do people. The martial arts people have a lot of different techniques and choreography that we are using. I wanted to something that could represent we are working together as I think back of when I used to do it a long time ago. When I was younger I did Tae Kwon Do and I had my black belt. I wanted to do what I did in the past but my leg won't cooperate. I can't do the kick. Ha! Water sting! Tae Kwon Do! Stab!

Seungri: I am a wild man with cat women. The concept for this is to make me look like a strong and rough Seungri, so I cut my hair very short and my makeup is dark. I also got piercings and we have accessories to show a more manly image.

Taeyang: "Fantastic Baby" is a very strong song. I think it was a challenge for us that we wanted to try out. There will be a lot of parts that will leave an impact and there are parts that are very enjoyable. We also tried for a futuristic image, but not the trendy and typical futuristic image. You can see from the set all the things we tried to add to make it seem futuristic with a lot of new inventions. I think it will be very fun. We talked a lot with the directors about what we wanted to do for our parts. For me, I'm kind of in a destroyed place and put a cyborg feel to it. In the scene I am even wearing a type of armor. We did a lot of things that we wanted to do in the past.

Daesung: It's been a while since we've made a new music video and we wanted to show how we have changed. It's not the first time I'm revealing my body, but I exercised more and we show it a little differently. I can't tell if it's coming out well. It's a concept that we thought of by looking at the Hulk. I am kinda trapped but then I get all my hidden strength and I am able to escape at once. We were supposed to film for two days but to make it better we are now on our 3rd day of producing this. I think it will come out well. Our directors are working very hard and so are our members. This is the first time hanging from a wire. Ive ridden wires before for concerts, though. Wires are very tight around the body so.. but aside from that I don't have any difficulties with it.

GD: The beginning scene and the end scene are me. I'm a sort of a king or a ruler, with a feel of narrations. It's different from the other music videos because it is on a set. It's been a long time since we've done this, I think it's fun. From monitoring it, I think the scenes we've filmed are coming out to look cool. I like it.

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